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If you have a 3d cad file for quotation, please send to our email and than we can quickly review it and give you advise on pricing of tooling and injection molding these plastic parts.

FAQ 1. How do I get a mould quotation for my designed part??

Send us 3D IGS or STP file and we calculate a mold and part price for you within 48 hrs .

2. What is the lead time for a new mold ? for very Ifthemouldsareverysimpleandnotbigsize simple mlds it takes 40 days if it is more compels and larger modl it takes Itall dependsonthemouldand #39; ssizeandcomplexity. in special case wecanworkoutwithin25days. to start a project if I don not have a 3d drawing ? You can send us an existing sample or product , we will help u to finish the 3D drawing design.