injection molding in the Toy industry

The usage of injection molding had been widely applied for toys, electronics, and consumer goods on the production lines. However, worldwide consumers are now aware of the safety of the chemicals being used to manufacture toys especially the ones that are injection molded using thermoplastics and thermosetting materials with the additives mixed with them.

It is now required to do testing and a certificate is required to assure consumers that the toys manufactured adhere to certain quality standards. Rapid Injection Molding can also be applied for mass production of toys of new designs with an easy, fast and cost effective way. 3D CAD assists the molders in design and development of toys and its parts.

There are also companies that sell their molds upon customers’ specification and request. Customers have to send CAD designs for the production of new toy moldings from the descriptive scope of work. Today’s toys are made casted from injection molding machines and its techniques. From Barbie Dolls to Lego building blocks, most of children’s toys are made from a factory. Biodegradable polymers and other plastic materials are now utilized for the injection mold for toy production.

The practicality of mass production using injection molding is obvious. The design of the mold can be done in utmost detail for realistic effect on toys. It is also a means to cut down costs in the operation standards. It can also be repeated to as many as the production can produce until the forms can tolerate the repetitive process.

It is therefore recommended to toy suppliers or retailers to contact companies if they want to have their own mold and manufacture their own designs. They will save funds and can create their own line of toy figures and its parts that could further their business and satisfy customers as well.  read more on mouldplastic.org






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