plastic Injection mould overview


One of the prime manufacturing processes for producing plastics articles is Injection Moulding technology (or Molding to use the US spelling).

 It is a quick process and is used to produce large numbers of identical items with a high accuracy and high precision engineering components to disposable cheap consumer goods. 

What Materials can be used for injection moulding?

Most thermoplastics can be processed by Injection Moulding. The thermoplastic has perfect characteristics to be injected: it can be heated easily and solidifies easily in the mould  The table below lists some of the commonly used materials:


If you have a 3d cad file for quotation, please send to our email and than we can quickly review it and give you advise on our pricing of the necessary tooling/moulds and injection molding these plastic parts. You are always welcome to visit our injection mould shop near Shanghai.....