What advantages does Injection moulding in China have over manufacturing metal parts?


Injection molding is a process that shapes molten materials like thermoplastics and thermosetting materials into the desired form of the cavity. There is a growing demand of non-metal products in the world today.

Polymers or plastic materials have many advantages compared to metal formed through various processes. These materials can be designed to any form of any size as required. Unlike unique metals like palladium, silver, or gold, plastics have diverse  and lower melting points and characteristics. Thermoplastics have different properties like metals have; all have a much lower melting point than metals. In the  plastics material  category some have low melting points while others require a much higher temperature to achieve a state before it can be molded.  PE plastic has a very low melting point ; between 110 and 117 Degrees Celcius.

Plastic Injection Molding has a higher production rate and capacity compared to metals. It can be designed to the minuscule details and can be sculpted in a flexible manner. Injection Molding can be done repeatedly within tolerable clearances. It can also process a variety of materials that vary in properties and characteristics. This process involves low labor costs as it requires less manpower to do it and does need a needs little to no finishing of parts as it has a crystallized smooth finish product with minimum scrap losses. Everything gram of material is utilized.

There are three types of processes for plastic formation. These are Injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding. Extrusion molding is a continuous forcing of liquid plastic into a die to get long continuous like pipes or wires while blow molding is gas being blown into a mold fresh from the injection molding process to create the second form allowing hollow products like bottles.

Among the three, plastic Injection Molding has the edge in plastic formation processing as it involves all forms of molding to be produced and can be easily be cost controlled. With Injection molding, Quality is maximized. Material handling is kept to a minimum. Scraps from the finished molds can be recycled cutting costs.  

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