6 tips when you Choose an Injection Molding Suppliers in China


Since 2000 I have worked with a dozen of mold suppliers in South and west China . And yes I have experienced good and bad experiences with these plastic mold manufacturers scattered around mainland. As Triple-c works now with several local Chinese mold maker , I would like to give several tips before you place a project order. 1. Know your quantities: We, as a transparent China mold supplier will advice you about the using the right mould steel ; Keep in mind that when you need millions pieces of your product or part per month different steel will be used as when you only need 1000 parts. Also a hot runner for your mold or no hotrunner could safe cost later . So if you ahev a n idea about the quantities we can make specifications for a good plastic injection mold. If you have a 3d cad file for quotation, please send to our email info@injectionmoldinchina.com and than we can quickly review it and give you advise on our pricing of the necessary tooling/moulds and injection molding these plastic parts.