Our tool maker in China is a company of Triple-c (ltd)that is set up by 2 Western engineers. Our Factory and toolshop has the best of two worlds:

A Western managed company with an eye for high quality and the best tooling shop of Shanghai for your custom designed parts.

We offer dedicated plastic precision molds and tooling used for export to Europe and the US and we

  • make plastic injection moulds and parts for our own production facilities in China
  • . With Triple-c you find the right company in China for your sourcing needs.

    We have 15 years experience in the following 5 design steps of realizing your plastic injection molded parts:

    Do you have a sketch or an idea, but it needs to get more "body" and it needs to be made  feasible for manufacturing? Our engineering team creates in NX or Solidworks your parts and products feasible and ready for injection molding .

    Every product has it's specific application in a specific environment, meaning it has several requirements or specifications, so does it's plastic material. We consult you in the choice and application of the right plastic material; We have experience in material for transparent plastics ( PMMA, PC, PC etc) , in material for living hinges, for 2 components products (tpr/tpe combinations with PA) and for parts in extreme conditions such as medical appliances or car lighting..

    Each product has its risks and needs to be assessed on assembly and other aspects such as functionality, feasibility and handling. A rapid prototyping, one single made by cnc machining or stereolithography will verify or proof the right way.

    Once a part design has been made in 3d CAD the tooling design process will start at our Factory and we will finish the drawings with 3-4 working days, usually we show our customers the drawings to explain the general mould build up and details such as ejector pin and sprue point locations. We use standards such as DME or specified by you.

    During this process we will do EDM , CNC machine the parts and fit the cavities, made by machining on the mold base


    Why do you need our injection molding Factory?

    we are not only a factory, so don not expect a (Chinese) factory attitude: expect additional services such as:

    So, If you have a 3d cad file for quotation, please send to our email address info@injectionmoldinchina.com and than we can quickly review it and give you advise on our pricing of the necessary tooling/moulds and injection molding manufacturing these plastic parts. You are always welcome to visit our injection mould shop near Shanghai.....


    examples of injection molded pa (polyamide) clips, or check our other website mold china


    usd encasing in pc polycarbonateplastic parts for bicycles

    here above you see an encasing molded for an electronic company and precision molded parts for a bike device.

    If you want to know more about the advantages of buying molds china click here. about the advantages of buying molding China click here Companies that are involved in the manufacturing of moulds are equipped with advanced machineries such as famous Italian milling machines , but als EDM machinery. They also have experienced technical teams with applications on CAS / CAD / CAE / CAM / CAQ systems in design and manufacturing. Chinese Molding companies are established with a good reputation and in good ties with Volkswagen, Audi, Sony, Mazda and other foreign customers from Brazil, Canada, Israel, the Middle East, and Singapore among others. If you wish to read more about

    injection mold making for the medical industry read this story: The medical field is the fastest segment for injection molded plastics.

    The medical industry requires that medical products must be quality controlled to avoid failures and save the medical practitioner and his employer from lawsuits.